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We utilize Management and Staff development programs in order to help every member to realize his or her potential and create a motivating work environment.

  • Staff Training

  • We offer comprehensive hands-on programs as well as multi-media training sessions to your staff. Initial training programs are utilized upon our arrival at your facility. However, ongoing development sessions are conducted as well. This way, learning never stops and new strengths are constantly being developed, providing you with greater service.
    Staff is developed to uphold the high standards of quality that we require and you deserve. In addition, all staff members are trained to meet the requirements of all state and federal regulatory agencies.

  • Management Training

  • Before any member of our team arrives at your facility, they undergo a comprehensive training and development program at our Training Department. During this program, candidate managers complete hands-on and multimedia sessions for every aspect of our industry-leading systems. Starting from basic security aspects, Industrial Security, Corporate Security, Event Management, Payroll Management to Floor Care & Cleaning Services, we develop leadership in all areas of management.

  • Safety Training

  • We value the safety of our employees, your staff, and your guests above all your asset. We will implement a comprehensive training program for the security people to Housekeeping department at your facility. Daily safety meetings with the security staff and housekeeping staff combined with an Employee Safety Incentive Program help to create a safe environment. The combat, fire suppression, first aid, mob handling, gate keeping, visitor management etc. It is mandatory for all F3 Security personnel to undergo this rigorous training schedule.
    This foundation, with our multi-tiered mentoring programs, provides your facility with high-caliber managers that can integrate seamlessly into your facility and provide the highest quality results.