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Quality Policy

We are committed to provide a special support & care to your site tailor made specifically for each site. We believe that it takes the right people to provide a great service. We uphold this philosophy by ensuring that we have the right people through comprehensive training programmes, motivation, accountability and clear standard of success. We therefore request you to provide sufficient lead time before we start the project if we are rewarded with the responsibility.
We have the following system / infrastructure available with us as support for quality services.

  • Non local manpower and compulsory barrack accommodation for security personnel.
  • On site training in fire and first aid.
  • Provision of immediate manpower in case of special requirements / emergencies.
  • Regular refresher (on-site) training programmes to upgrade the security skills.
  • Use of electronics security to make guarding services more effective.
  • Wireless equipment (walkie talkie) for communication.
  • Specialized manpower like special squad (for executive protection), intelligence operatives (for covert information collection) or other like computer operators, front desk management, caretaker, office boy etc.
  • Special field officers for patrolling duty (supervision and inspection of site.).
  • Provision for rotation of manpower to avoid connivance with locals.
  • Computerization in F3 helps in quick information sharing and in turn fast decision making in case of emergencies.
  • Vast experience in industrial security duty.

  • We provide on site management support through strong communication devices, time to time visits from experts in various aspects of the work crises management support.