F3 Security & Facility Services

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Security & Facility Services

Manpower for watch & Ward services.
Facility services with Housekeeping.

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Verified Work Force

Manpower with verified background and with authentic documents from administration.

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Management Methodology

Dedicated leadership team for conitnuous research on custom policy formulation.

About F3

F3 Security and Facility Services began as a security company providing manpower for watch and ward services as well as different mode of facility services to various public and private organizations.

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Industrial Security & Risk Management with round the clock 24 hours support.

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Banking sector Security Services with cash management facility.

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House Keeping for Corporate Institutions and Hospitality Sector.


Gone are the days of muscle power and manual vigilance. Technology oriented man-machine intervention has made modern security vigilance 100% assured and fullproof.

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Corporate Security & Vigilance with Centralized monitoring.

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Security & Housekeeping for Residential Complex.

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Housekeeping+Security for Hospitality & Healthcare Sector